U.S. DOL Disclosure Reports –

Union Reports and Constitutions and Bylaws

  • Union Search– find specific labor organizations to view their annual financial report (LM-2, LM-3, LM-4, and simplified Labor Organization Annual Reports) and Constitutions and Bylaws.
  • Payer/Payee Search– find information about payers and payees and generate user-defined reports.
  • Officer/Employee Search– find information about officers and employees and generate user-defined reports.
  • Download Yearly Data– download raw data in pipe delimited format of union and financial information as reported for public disclosure under provisions of the LMRDA.

US DOL Union Official Conflict of Interest Reports (LM-30) and Corresponding Employer Reports

LM-30 Labor Organization Officer and Employee Reports

LM-10 Employer Reports

Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA)

Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements Enforcement

EBSA Enforcement Efforts