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To the tune of $2 Billion, Big Labor Bosses used money, primarily from forced-dues union treasuries in their control, to influence the 2017-2018 Elections. Big Labor’s 2018 Election Cycle by the Numbers Download the report. Union Treasury Self-Reported “Political” Disbursements (Source: U.S. Department of Labor) — $1,369,936,480Total Disclosed…(Read More)


Monopolistic Unionism Makes Schools Less Effective, More Expensive ‘[Coercive] Union Strength Variable . . . Has a Substantial and Statistically Significant Negative Relationship With Student Achievement’ Click to download the Monopolistic Unionism Makes Schools Less Effective, More Expensive fact Sheet For many years, the vast majority of Americans have rated the performance of the public…(Read More)


Higher Costs for Consumers Translate Into Lower Living Standards for Employees and Everyone Else [download fact sheet here] In California, the erstwhile Golden State, K-12 educators obviously recognize that they don’t live so well relative to educators in other states.  That’s why Big Labor-controlled California’s teachers are fleeing to other…(Read More)


From a CNS Op-Ed by Stan Greer, National Institute for Labor Relations Research senior research associate: Forced-Unionism States Face $200B Income Loss as Taxpayers Flee Slow-Growth States.  Click here to read the full piece. For decades, hardworking taxpayers have been fleeing the slow-growth states that permit the firing of…(Read More)


Holding up Missouri’s Right To Work Law is costing Missourians thousands of job opportunities. Missouri and national union bosses have created an anti-Right to Work barricade preventing Missourians from prospering under their state’s year-old law prohibiting forced union dues and fees. Sadly, but predictably, Big Labor’s actions are costing Missourians…(Read More)