Rockline Industries Expands Three Right to Work Arkansas Facilities

Rockline Industries is one of the biggest manufacturers of wet wipes and coffee filters out there. And they just continue to grow. Now, they are planning to soon invest $18 million to expand three of their facilities in Arkansas. These include facilities in Springdale, Russellville, and Bonneville. These expansions will help the company increase its wet wipe productions in each facility in order to help combat the pandemic. It also shows how dedicated companies are to Right to Work states like Arkansas due to the numerous benefits they provide. But businesses aren’t the only ones to benefit from this type of economy. The expansions will create a total of 100 new jobs, creating new opportunities for these towns. So this is a win-win situation!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Rockline has been proud to be a part of the Arkansas community for many years and we are excited to be bringing new jobs and new opportunities to our local communities.” […]

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic millions of consumers have been introduced to the convenience of personal care wipes. This has led to a dramatic increase in consumer demand for these products.”


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