Amazing Magnets Plans to Relocate to Right to Work Texas

Amazing Magnets is a company that designs and produces – you guessed it! – magnet products and devices. Recently, they have found themselves becoming more and more drawn towards Round Rock, Texas. As a result, they plan to relocate here from Anaheim, California. Moves like this just go to show how attractive Right to Work economies are to businesses all around. This move will also help keep the economy on a positive trajectory.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Our roots are that of a family-owned business with a focus on giving back to the community combined with a passion for continuous learning guided by a unique global strategy and an incredibly talented team. […] After visiting Round Rock and witnessing its economic growth, diversification and meeting its people, we felt like we had found our home away from home. Everyone was so welcoming, kind and supportive.”

“The Amazing Magnets team and organization exemplifies the type of people and businesses we want to attract and welcome to the Round Rock community. We are here to help and support them in their growth and hopefully become an integral part of their success.”


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