UAW Scandals Grow and more newsclips

A car assembly line with cars in the process of being built.

My Take: UAW scandals show why Michigan needs to keep workers’ right-to-work protections, November 03, 2018 Forced unionism is an important and under-reported aspect of the UAW/FCA scandal, in…

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NILRR Right to Work News June 15, 2018

A man in yellow hard hat working on wooden structure.

Will Repeal Right to Work Law, Michigan Governor Candidate Vows, June 12, 2018 Gretchen Whitmer, a candidate in the Michigan Democratic Party gubernatorial primary, says she will work to…

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NILRR Right to Work News

A painting of trees in the woods with no leaves.

Big Labor Academic Candidly Admits That Compulsory Unionism Antithetical To Free Market, November 02, 2017 Lichtenstein strongly asserts that: “[Compulsory] unions are not for the market. They’re against the…

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