Taste of the Future

John Podhoretz puts a new angle on the New York City bus strike, predicting other cities will experience the same sort of trouble as public sector union bosses lose more and more power.  Here’s the story in the New York Post


There’s a major labor action going on in New York City, as the unionized drivers who man the city’s school buses have gone out on strike — making life immeasurably more difficult for 152,000 kids, their parents, their grandparents, their friends, their babysitters and everybody else in their lives.

You should watch this one closely, whether you have kids who’ve been kicked off a bus or not, because it’s a sneak preview of what is likely to be coming over the next decade in municipalities across the country.


This strike is going to go on for a long time. The only card the drivers have to play is the inconvenience card. They’re looking to make life so unpleasant that parents rise up and demand the city cave in.