UAW Corruption & Greed Driving Itself Over a Cliff

Daniel Howes and Robert Snell of The Detroit News have assembled a very complete synopsis of a decade-long UAW scandal. It work the read to see how union bosses take the trust and money gained off the backs of hardworking employees and taxpayers and indulge in colossal self-indulgences. Million-dollar trips to Palm Springs, homes, golf clubs, country clubs, and much more. And shamefully, the UAW Empire was built on the backs of working men and women’s forced-dues.

A few excerpts from their article: Driven by greed: Alliance of FCA, union leaders fueled decade of corruption will give you taste of what these authors documented. The whole article is well worth the read.

“Thousands of pages of federal court records, dozens of interviews with auto industry figures, lawyers and federal officials, as well ason-the-ground reporting in three states, help definethe origins of the country’s largest union corruption scandal in 40 years and highlightthe multimillion-dollarcost of a scheme hatched in the auto industry’s darkest hour.”

“‘This is an ugly story,’said Erik Gordon,a professor at the University ofMichigan’s Ross School of Business.”

“‘When the UAW goes on strike and the workers are making – I think it was $275 per week … And what does the leadership get? Bottles of booze worth $1,300. Lavish steak dinners,’ U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider, the Justice Department’s top prosecutor in Detroit, told The News.”