UAW Selling Dennis Williams $1.29 Million Home

What do your UAW forced-union dues get you? More and more non-member forced-fee payers and union members are questioning the value of UAW affiliation.

But, it was good for former UAW Kingpin Dennis Williams who expected to receive a new luxurious home on Black Lake thanks to the UAW board. Well, it was good for a while. But since the scandal’s became public, UAW brass have had second thoughts and are selling Williams’ lake house.

From the Robert Snell of the Detroit News:

New UAW President Rory Gamble announced in November that the home would be sold, an announcement that camefive weeks afterThe Detroit News reportedthat federal agents were investigating whether Detroit automakers indirectly paid to build thelakefront home for Williams at the union’s northern Michigan compound on Black Lake.

The home became a symbol of corruption within the union and a source of disgust among rank-and-file after The Newsreportedabout the construction project andrevealedit was built with non-union labor.

Robert Snell, Detroit News