Valmont Industries Expands Manufacturing in Right to Work Tennessee

As a result of business success, Valmont Industries is expanding its manufacturing location in Jasper, Tennessee. In order to do this, they plan to invest somewhere between $15 to $20 million. This will soon go toward growing their facility’s size by 33%, which will in turn create 65 new jobs. So this is good news for Marion County’s economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are excited to be expanding our operations and creating employment opportunities at our Jasper facility[…] Governments’ investments across transportation markets and utilities’ investments in grid hardening and renewable energy sources are driving increased demand for our products and solutions. We are proud to support critical infrastructure sectors around the world and grateful for the support we have received for this expansion from the community, the State of Tennessee and area business partners.” […]

“Tennessee’s manufacturing sector continues to see tremendous growth across the state. Valmont Industries has manufacturing facilities in 22 countries around the globe, and by choosing to expand in Marion County, it shows that Tennessee has the skilled workforce and business-friendly environment to support the company’s growth. We thank Valmont for its continued investment in our state and for creating new jobs in Jasper.”


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