Viking Group Chooses Right to Work Indiana Location

Right to Work Indiana Economic Update

Viking Group is a company that focuses on providing protective solutions against fire hazards. Now with the introduction of their new product, the Fendium pipe, they are adding a new manufacturing facility in Right to Work Richmond, Indiana. As a result, they will also create 111 new jobs. So this will be an excellent addition to the area for more reasons than one.

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are thrilled to be bringing a new manufacturing facility to Indiana and to be partnering with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County, and the City of Richmond. […] This new facility will be instrumental in the introduction of our new Fendium pipe to the U.S. market. Fendium is a game-changing product in the fire protection industry, offering advanced corrosion-resistant properties making it a highly attractive option for a wide range of applications. […]

“We are excited to welcome [Viking Group] to Indiana, as they will create high-paying jobs and help advance Indiana’s flourishing manufacturing industry,. […] The state’s workforce and Hoosiers’ skill sets will benefit from their presence in the state.”


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