We Have “Intel” on a Major Expansion in Right to Work Arizona!


Intel, the computer company, is expanding soon in Right to Work Chandler, Arizona. But this isn’t just any expansion. In order to grow like they want to, they are investing $20 billion into the project. That amounts to being the largest private sector investment to ever happen in this state, so that’s a big deal! In addition, the expansion will also create thousands of new jobs for the state. So this is an investment to be excited about!

From Area Development Magazine:

“I’m thrilled to announce plans for Intel’s first large-scale foundry operation, which will be in Arizona. […] This represents an investment of approximately $20 billion dollars, which will create over three thousand permanent high-tech, high-wage jobs, over three thousand construction jobs, and 15,000 local long-term jobs in Arizona. To make our new expansion in Arizona possible, we are excited to be partnering with the state of Arizona and the Biden Administration on incentives that spur this type of domestic investment.” […]

“Intel’s selection of Arizona for this historic investment is a testament to our vibrant and growing technology ecosystem, one powered by our streamlined regulatory environment, low cost of doing business, world-class higher education institutions and highly skilled and talented labor force. […] We are so grateful to Intel for their unrivaled commitment to our state. We look forward to continuing to partner in their success for decades to come.”


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