What Right to Work State is QVC Choosing to Expand in?

QVC is a company that is an internationally popular video retailer amongst various online platforms. As a result of Right to Work benefits, the company is expanding in Right to Work Florence, South Carolina. In order to cover the cost, they plan to invest a total of $27.5 million. In addition, they will create 360 new jobs. So this is great news for Florence County’s economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“We are proud to be adding to our team in Florence […]. Our decision to expand in Florence reflects the effectiveness of our local team, the quality of the workforce pool in this region, the efficiency of this location in terms of transportation and the strong support we have received from the Florence community. We are committed to South Carolina and look forward to ongoing collaboration with the state and county as we continue to contribute to the local economy.” […]

“Today’s announcement by QVC is a testament to South Carolina’s logistical advantages and pro-business environment. The company’s distribution center has been a part of the Florence community for years and continues to create jobs for our citizens.”


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