Where is ADM Planning to Invest $350 Million?

ADM is a food processing company that is experiencing an increase in demand for soybean products. As a result, they are planning to invest $350 million toward a new soybean refining facility with incredible processing abilities. In order to have access to soybean production, the company has chosen to invest in Spiritwood, North Dakota. This will also give them access to Right to Work benefits, supporting further success. And this is good news for Spiritwood’s economy too because this will bring money into the state.

From Area Development Magazine:

“ADM’s commitment to preserving and protecting our planet’s resources stretches from the farm gate to the food on our tables and the renewable fuel we put in our vehicles. […] This exciting new project allows us to partner with North Dakota farmers to further advance the role of agriculture in addressing climate change through the production of low carbon feedstocks for products such as renewable diesel.” […]

“This soybean processing plant is a gamechanger for North Dakota farmers, adding value and expanding the market[…].

“Now, with innovative leader ADM and collaboration with local economic development and multiple state agencies, this exciting value-added project has come to fruition. We’re deeply grateful for ADM’s investment in our state[…].”


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