Where is Kwik Trip Investing $378 Million?


Kwik Trip, the popular convenience store that has 456 locations all across Right to Work Wisconsin, is expanding in La Crosse, Wisconsin. This expansion will go toward enhancing developments, improving support, and increasing food production. In fact, they plan to investing $378 million toward the project. In addition, they also plan to create 662 new jobs. And, this doesn’t include any jobs or investments at any of their stores. So this will be a great addition to Wisconsin’s economy!

From Area Development Magazine:

“Our work with WEDC has helped Kwik Trip’s growth and ability to provide excellent job opportunities. The strong demand for our products has allowed us to expand even more than originally planned.” […]

“Kwik Trip is a Wisconsin success story. […] While most of us are familiar with Kwik Trip for its retail operations, the company continues to grow its manufacturing and supply chain base in our state, which is creating hundreds of jobs and new investments even faster than anyone could have anticipated.” 

Kwik Trip is family-owned and serves customers in a total of 768 retail convenience stores throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa; it also produces more than 80% of the products featured in the stores, supplied by its own commissary, bakery, dairy and distribution center located in La Crosse.


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