Where is MI Technical Solutions Choosing to Expand?

MI Technical Solutions is expanding soon in Right to Work Chesapeake, Virginia. This will allow them to continue to reap the benefits while also creating new opportunities in the area. In fact, they plan to create 10 new jobs. And in order to make this entire expansion possible, the company is investing $520,000. So this is good news for the area!

From Area Development Magazine:

“I formed MITS when I transitioned from the U.S. Navy after 28 years of service, and our client base and potential employees are located in this area. […] I am very thankful for the fact that MITS is in Chesapeake, which has supported our phenomenal growth during the past year. We are looking forward to the next few years as we continue to expand.” […]

“MI Technical Solutions’ growth over the past year is impressive, serving an important market in the booming technology industry. […] We are proud to support the expansion of this V3-certified company, and we look forward to its continued success in the City of Chesapeake.” […]

“MI Technical’s expansion represents important growth of the information technology sector in Chesapeake. […] The company’s investment will help strengthen our deep connections with our military partners and create good-paying jobs for our citizens.”


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