Where is Smart USA Co Locating its US Headquarters

Smart USA Co is planning to soon locate its US headquarters in Right to Work Nashville, Tennessee. This will help the retirement technology company be able to grow while also creating new options for workers. In fact, they plan to create 128 new jobs for the area. And in order to make all of this possible, they are investing $2.2 million toward the project. So this will be a great economic addition to the area.

From Area Development Magazine:

“Nashville has all the recipes to be a great place to work and live. We are excited to be among the trailblazers putting down roots here and to join the growing Nashville fintech community. We thank the Economic and Community Development team for a great experience and for welcoming us into this city’s unique hub of ambitious and creative talent.” […]

“Smart USA Co. joins a growing list of tech companies planting their roots in Nashville. Thank you to the Tennessee General Assembly for supporting this venture and promoting an environment where innovative companies can prosper.” […]

“Nashville is home to dozens of global brands, and we welcome U.K.-based technology company Smart USA Co. to this rich business landscape. The creation of over 100 new family-wage jobs from a successful and fast-growing tech company furthers Tennessee’s reputation as a top state to do business.”


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