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As Service Employee International Union (SEIU) officials gear up to spend $150 million in forced dues to defeat President Trump in this year’s elections, the theft of approximately $1 million in forced dues adds insult to injury.   In 2018, SEIU spent almost $40 million on political activity, more than they spent on…(Read More)

Rank and file UAW members had their say in September, 2019, as many attended Mike Grimes’ trial and had plenty to say both to him and the press about Grimes’ crimes.  Nick Monacelli on clickondetroit:   As he left the courtroom in September,  2019, Mike Grimes was met by a group of…(Read More)


As the specter of a federal takeover looms over the United Auto Workers (UAW) another union official has pled guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering before Judge Bernard Freidman of the U. S. District Court.    UAW rank and file members reel from the fallout of another boss theft…(Read More)


Union bosses may not like secret ballot elections when conducting organizing drives, but they cannot deny their members in a union election. A lawsuit alleging Local 41 did not enough safeguards to ensure all ballots were counted in November, 2017 election, has been filed on behalf of the members of that local.  Apparently a mistake…(Read More)


The president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Philadelphia, Local 4973, pled guilty to one count of embezzling money from that local.  Check out the union’s latest LM-2 here.  Teachers and other public employee members of this union may choose to exercise their Janus rights and resign their membership here…(Read More)

UAW members and forced-dues payors have yet another reason to feel cheated by the huge union, as another illegal scheme concocted by union businessmen comes to light.  Yet another UAW (United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America) employee has been convicted and sentenced to prison for theft of union members’ dues…(Read More)


UAW union members have a lot to keep tabs on. The corruption that is so rampant within the upper echelons of the organization are apparently just the tip of the dungheap as two more officers have been charged with more criminal corruption. On January 8, 2020, former Unit Chairman of United Auto Workers Local 12…(Read More)