Japan’s CKD Corporation Chooses Right To Work Texas for US Location

CKD Corporation is a company that is recognized globally for its special automation technology. They are a Japanese company that started out in Aichi, Japan in 1943 and have been growing ever since. So now, they are looking to expand. In order to meet all of their needs, they have chosen Austin, Texas as their new location. And to cover all of the expenses, they are investing around $13 million toward the project.

This is the company’s first US location, and Texas is ready to welcome them in with open arms. After all, the company won’t be the only one benefitting from this. The new location will provide 70 new jobs for the area. So Austin’s economy will benefit greatly by providing jobs to many Texans.

From Area Development Magazine:

“CKD Corporation’s $13 million investment in the Lone Star State further solidifies Texas’ reputation as a premier economic destination both nationally and internationally.” […]

“I am proud to welcome CKD Corporation to the Lone Star State and look forward to the economic prosperity this investment will bring to the Austin community. This trailblazing company, combined with Texas’ business-friendly environment and high-skilled workforce, will undoubtedly make for a long and successful partnership.”


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