Recap: Companies are Adding Locations in Right to Work Louisiana

Louisiana is a great place for companies to settle as a result of the state’s Right to Work laws. And we have two great businesses here that are doing just that. Lion Elastomers and CF Industries are both adding new locations soon in Right to Work Ascension Parish Louisiana.

Lion Elastomers:

Lion Elastomers is investing $22 million in order to add a new location and create 176 new jobs in Right to Work Ascension Parish, Louisiana.

“Louisiana and Ascension Parish are favorable locations for investment due to a strong workforce, availability of raw materials and utilities, and central location to distribute products to North American and international markets. […] This project will strengthen Lion Elastomers’ manufacturing position, enhance quality and service for EPDM consumers, and protect and/or expand jobs at the Geismar site.” […]

“Lion’s Geismar manufacturing facility has provided jobs for Louisiana’s skilled workers for nearly 60 years. […] The company’s commitment to update and expand its operation ensures that those jobs will remain in Ascension Parish for many years to come. Once again, we see the strength of Louisiana’s manufacturing sector, and the important role our state plays in the manufacture of consumer goods used around the world.”


CF Industries:

CF Industries is investing $2 billion toward a new facility in Right to Work Ascension Parish, Louisiana. This will also create 103 new jobs!

“CF Industries and Mitsui believe that blue ammonia will play a pivotal role in accelerating the world’s transition to clean energy and that our proposed blue ammonia production facility is an important step towards this future. […] CF Industries has long appreciated the partnership we have had with the State of Louisiana and Ascension Parish, both as we have expanded our operations over the years and now as we decarbonize our production processes and consider new capacity growth. We look forward to working with them further as we continue to evaluate our proposed blue ammonia production facility.” […]

“This massive proposed investment from CF Industries would create good-paying jobs and strengthen Louisiana’s position as a leader in the clean energy transition. […] This would be another big step toward our goal of making Louisiana carbon-neutral by 2050. We thank CF Industries for its continued commitment to Louisiana, and look forward to working with company, parish and regional economic development leaders to move the project forward.” […]

“With CF Industries’ incredible proposed project, Louisiana’s Capital Region shows it is ready to be a global leader in transitional energy. […] We have seen over $16 billion in clean energy investments announced since 2020 in our region. We extend our appreciation to CF Industries’ leadership team for their continued commitment to Donaldsonville and Ascension Parish, and to parish officials and partners for their work to make this happen for Louisiana.” […]AREA DEVELOPMENT MAGAZINE

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