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GUEST COMMENTARY: The ethical case for right-to-work For decades, federal and state labor laws that compel the individual employee to allow an unwanted union to negotiate his or her terms of employment have been defended by many of their proponents on the grounds that such statutes promote “democracy” in the workplace. This contention…(Read More)

Mark Tapscott, Executive Editor for the Washington Examiner,  reveals the story behind Mallory Factor’s groundbreaking new book about government employee unions.  His review invites speculation as to whether government employee union bosses are really shadow bosses, or whether they actually run the government with their all-encompassing monopoly bargaining powers.  Factor’s prose is…(Read More)

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has helped Indiana workers to file amicus brief on behalf of the state of Indiana now that the AFL-CIO wolf is trying to blow the Right to Work Law down.  Asheesh Agarwal writes, in the Library of Law and Liberty:      Amidst a series of setbacks at…(Read More)

Right to Work Works! The New American Online, June 15, 2012 For purposes of this discussion, the definition of the Right to Work principle will be that provided by the National Institute for Labor Relations Research: Walker will not pursue right-to-work in Wisconsin Human Events Online, June 15, 2012    “No, I’m not…(Read More)

Incumbent Ind. legislators hold off challenges : The Times of … A labor challenge to Republicans in Indiana The late Jack Kemp, a six-term congressman from western New York, HUD secretary, and unsuccessful candidate for the GOP presidential nomination, once proudly referred to himself as a “Lane Kirkland Republican.” Kemp’s willingness, indeed his eagerness, to…(Read More)

“The Free Rider Argument is a Carefully Crafted Fraud” Legal Newsline, May 1, 2012 The IUOE asserts that the Indiana law violates the equal protection and contract clauses of the Constitution because it does not require nonunion employees to pay for bargaining. . . “The ‘free-rider’ argument is a carefully crafted fraud,” [National Right to…(Read More)