Project Labor Agreements: Union Monopoly in Public Works Construction

April 1, 2005

Project labor agreements, or PLAs, have been around since the 1930s. But they have become an increasingly common means for unions to exercise, directly or indirectly, monopoly power over labor markets since the U.S. Supreme Court gave them the green…

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The Right to Work Issue in the New Millenium

February 1, 2005

On a Saturday edition of CNN’s heavily watched Capital Gang in January 1997, syndicated columnists Robert Novak and Mark Shields, the show’s cohosts, were discussing the biggest political news item of the week: the unexpected conclusion of the race for…

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The Standard of Living in Right to Work States

January 1, 2005

Barry W. Poulson, Ph.D. Professor of Economics University of Colorado, Boulder Twenty-two states now have Right to Work laws. In these states employees do not have to financially support a union with monopoly bargaining privileges at their work place in…

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Toxic Grains: Inside Organized Labor's Salting Campaign

October 1, 2004

A study prepared for the NILRR by Carl F. Horowitz Toxic Grains.pdf 584.4 KB

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The Union Political Machine in 2004

September 28, 2004

### Forced-Dues Money Pays For Salaries and Benefits of Full-Time Political Organizers Recent public statements by spokesmen for major AFL-CIO-affiliated unions add to the already large body of evidence supporting key charges made by the National Institute for Labor Relations…

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The Economic Consequences Of ‘Card-Check’ Forced Unionism

August 1, 2004

The AFL-CIO’s massive lobbying and electioneering machine is now being challenged by a formidable PR problem: Its number one legislative objective is opposed by a majority of the union rank and file!

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The Economic Benefits of a Kentucky Right to Work Law

July 1, 2004

Union propaganda touts compulsory unionism as a “tonic” for a wide array of economic ills. But Kentucky workers are choking on this “tonic.” A decade ago, the share of Kentucky private-sector employees who were compelled to accept a union as…

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Want To Know More About Your Union?

June 1, 2004

If you want to know more about one or more union’s spending and receipts, there is a website that tracks Department of Labor reporting required under the Landrum Griffin Act. While current LM-2 forms elicit relatively little specific information about…

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Union Corruption in America: Still a Growth Industry

April 25, 2004

### by Carl F. Horowitz Horowitz.pdf 280.5 KB

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Union 'Representation' Is Foisted on Workers — Not Vice-Versa

February 15, 2004

To view this document, click on the attachment link below. SKMBT_60009080411230.pdf 491.9 KB

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